From the 1st of August 2022, we will be improving the security of Myriad Anywhere by introducing 2FA.

"2FA" (2-factor Authentication) or "MFA" (Multi-factor Authentication) in short, requires you to enter a simple 6-digit code, as well as your username and password when logging in. This code is generated by a special type of mobile app that must be installed on your mobile phone and that only you have access to, you will notice this code changes regularly, this ensures that even if someone does see that code and knows your username and password, it will have expired before they can use it to login, vastly improving the security of your account.


  • Smart Phone
  • Microsoft Authenticator App
  • 5 minutes of spare time for setup

(If your unable to meet these requirements for any reason please email

When you login after 01/08/2022 you will see a pop-up that looks like this, you will only need to set this up once, if you click 'No' you will be prompted the next time you login:

  • You must click 'Yes' to continue.

  • You will then be greeted with the below:

  • Open the Microsoft Authenticator App, where we will add an account.
    If you already use the Authenticator App you will need to press the '+' icon in the top right first.

  • Click 'Other Account (Google, Facebook, etc)' from the options on you phone.
  • It will then ask you to scan the QR Code with your phone's camera.

  • This will then add the account 'Myriad Login' to your app.

  • You will then see the latest code immediately on your screen.

  • Enter the code displayed on your phone into Myriad Anywhere to verify the 2FA has been setup correctly.

The next time you login to Myriad, you will be asked for the latest code, simply launch the Microsoft Authenticator App on your phone and enter the 6-digit code for 'Myriad Login' into the Myriad Anywhere prompt.

If you need help with any of the process, feel free to contact

  • NOTE: If you need to remove or reconfigure your One-Time PIN, then you can do this from the "Manage your One-Time PIN"  option on the View menu (in Myriad Playout) or from the Myriad menu button in Myriad Anywhere.

  • NOTE: During setup if you click 'Cancel' rather than 'Ok' before entering the code, then you may need to remove and re-add the Account from the App before you can use the code.