This will guide you through changing your password at the station

All passwords must include the following:
Uppercase Letter
Lowercase Letter
Minimum of 8 Character

Option 1 - From the Studio's:
This method relies on you being able to login

1). Open start
2). Press 'CTRL+ALT+DEL'
3). Select 'Change your Password' from the options on screen
4). Enter Old password
5). Enter New password
6). Press Next Arrow
7). It will then confirm if successful.

Option 2 - From home:

1). Go to
2). Enter your email address (
3). Enter the confirmation characters
4). Click Next
5). Select "I've forgotten my Password"
6). Click Next
7). Choose a contact recovery option
8). Enter the Verification Code
9). Enter a New Password

Option 3 - Get help:

If the other methods are unavailable or not working for you, contact and a member of the technical team can assist you resetting your password